Permited articles to enter by customs

    Tax exonerated goods for peruvian customs
  1. Personal clothes.
  2. Personal cosmetics.
  3. Personal use objects and jewelry.
  4. Portable hair dryer.
  5. Electric shaver.
  6. Photo camera and up to 5 films.
  7. Amateur use VCR and up to 5 tapes.
  8. Up to 10 CD's.
  9. 5 VCR tapes.
  10. Portable electronic calculator.
  11. Personal use medicines.
  12. Books, magazines and documents.
  13. Up to 20 cigarrettes packages or 50 cigars or 250 gr. of tobacco.
  14. Up to 3 liters of liquor.
  15. Up to US$ 300.00 in goods for personal consumption or gift.
  16. A portable writing machine
  17. Portable wind or chord musical instrument.
  18. Portable audio component with own energy source.
  19. Luggage or bags containing the travelers’ personal goods.
  20. Goods declared as luggage when leaving the country and must appear in the Temporary Outgoing Declaration.
  21. A living animal as a pet accomplishing all sanitary regulations.

    Luggage subjected to special custom treatment
  1. Travelers can bring as luggage articles not contemplated in the last relation paying a rate of 20% of the CIF value. This can be applied for a total amount of articles not exceeding of US$ 1,000.00 and for a maximum amount of US$ 3,000.00 during one year.