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NAZCA + PARACAS 1 night in Paracas (ICA04)
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Day 1: Lima - Ica - Nazca
Bus Lima/ Ica in Royal Class Bus. Reception and transfer in private car to Nasca.
Arrival to Nasca and overflight majestic Nazca Lines + visit to Maria Reiche Museum.
Departure to Paracas in private car
Reception and transfer to elected hotel.

Day 2: Paracas - Lima
Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Paracas dock to take motorboat. Excursion through the Paracas bay, view of the misterious "candelabro" (giant figure on a sand hill). Then to Ballestas Islands, one of the beautiest landmarks of the peruvian coast.
Afternoon, bus from Pisco to Lima, in executive bus.

Day3: Nasca - Nazca Lines - Lima
Breakfast at hotel. Overflight the enigmatic Nazca Lines, one of the greatest misteries of our times.
At 13:30 Bus to Lima

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