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 Schedule KUELAP 3 days / 2 nights (KLP01)

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Kuelap is the largest building structure of the Americas.  It is estimated to contain 3 times more material than Egypt’s largest pyramid. Peru considers Kuelap to be as good as Machu Picchu and is trying to make this its equal 2nd major destination. It is twice as old as the Incas and in remarkably better condition before restoration. 

PROGRAM (from Tarapoto):

Day 1: Pomacochas
Reception at Tarapoto Airport and transter to a Pomacochas.
Lodging at Puerto Pumas Pomacochas Inn.

Day 2: Kuelap Fortress - Chachapoyas

Breakfast. Excursion to Kuelap Fortress, visit to the ancient city covered completely with vegetation, which has been edified on top of a mountain. It is surrounded by a huge wall with three entrances and in the inside, you will found circular constructions made of stones.

The structure of the main building is circular and for security purposes has only one access corridor, sufficiently narrow to allow only one person at a time to enter. Inside there are several divisions, hundreds of round stone houses decorated with zigzag patterns, small up to 1,969 feet (600 m)long and 66 feet (20m) high. Towers indicate how well protected the compound was. It comprised more than 400 buildings, many of them with decorated walls and cornices or protruding friezes

After visiting Kuelap, you will be taken to a city tour in Chachapoyas. Then back to Puerto Pumas Pomacochas Inn

Day 3: Tarapoto

Breakfast and transfer to Tarapoto. Lunch at Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Hotel and transfer to the Airport for your flight back to Lima

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