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 Schedule KUELAP 4 days / 3 nights (KLP02)

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Kuelap is the largest building structure of the Americas.  It is estimated to contain 3 times more material than Egypt’s largest pyramid. Peru considers Kuelap to be as good as Machu Picchu and is trying to make this its equal 2nd major destination. It is twice as old as the Incas and in remarkably better condition before restoration. 

PROGRAM (from Chiclayo):

Day 1 Chiclayo - Chachapoyas
Airport pick up service in Chiclayo and private transportation to Chachapoyas.  We will see waterfalls, and America’s most spectacular panoramas on our trip to the unspoiled city of Chachapoyas.  Night in beautiful Colonial Mansion, 3 star hostel.  (BL, D)

Day 2  Karajia - Choctamal
We will go to see the spectacular sarcophagus of Karajia perched on a cliff.  From there we will go and see more sarcophagus higher on a sheer cliff than any building you have ever seen, and an ancient colonial mill.  Overnight above the clouds in our village co-op Choctamal Lodge with the only hot tub of the area, only 35 minutes from the fortress, excellent panoramic views of Kuelap and the Abra Yumal Pass.  (B, BL, D)

Day 3 Kuelap - Chachapoyas 
We will spend the day at Fortress Kuelap known as "the Machu Picchu of the North". Kuelap has over 400 buildings inside 5 levels of walls, and is the largest stone structure in all South America.  Orchids and bromeliads cover the walls and trees inside this fortress. On the way to Chachapoyas we will observe the burial Tower of Macro located on a cliff overlooking the Utcubamba River.    Overnight in beautiful Colonial Mansion, 3 star hostel.  (B, BL, D)

Day 4 Chachapoyas - Chiclayo
Early departure to Chiclayo, see Tucume on the way to Chiclayo if time allows.  Late afternoon arrival to Chiclayo.   Flight leaves at 9:00 p.m. to Lima. (B, BL)
Optional and at extra cost: Night in Chiclayo to see the Lord of Sipan in a pyramid.

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