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CAJAMARCA - Sulluscocha Lagoon  
3 days / 2 nights (
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DAY 1:
Arrival and reception at the city of Cajamarca.
Baños del Inca:
Transfer to the “Baños del Inca” complex, where you will take a comforting medicinal thermal bath in its extraordinary and healing warm water.
Transfer to the community of Sulluscocha:
Transfer to the town Lagoon Sulluscocha.
During the trip, we will enjoy the beauty of the landscape and get to know the rules, tips, and some important distinctive traits of the countrymen, which should be taken into account by the tourist to have a fraternal and pleasant coexistence.
On the road, we will make a stop in the town of Llacanora.
Welcome to the Andean house:
Welcome by the countrymen and accommodation in the house. Here we will begin our great adventure of socio-cultural exchange.
Lunch and Farm Work:
After the accommodation, we will have lunch at noon. Among the countrymen, this time is very important and it is immersed in a ritual context. It is carried out around a no-legged table, i.e. a circle, where we sit down on the ground, and everybody shares their food looking up to each others’ eyes.

We can participate hands-on in the harvest and sowing of vegetables and other products in the “Tourist Orchards” according to the current season. These vegetables will be used to feed other guests who will come later. So, the very tourists will sow their own food.

“The meal at seven”:

It is the countryman’s dinner. There, the family gets together, talks about daily work, achievements, problems and what has to be done for next day in front of a warm fireplace.

DAY 2:
Andean morning, bread-making and farm work:
We will get up at cockcrow to hustle the hens while we will collect the eggs. Then, we will help women make the bread for a typical highlander breakfast.
This breakfast is also timely to get to know a little more about the local customs, and the origin of food. We also talk about the farm work done the previous day.

Kollor Ruins and Lagoon San Nicolas:
After breakfast, we will depart to the Kollor ruins and the lagoon San Nicolas which belong to the district of Namora, going through little towns in the valley. We will start communing with the indescribable force of the Andes, its impressing landscape, clean crystal waters, and its dry, vivifying weather.
Return to the rural house where the family awaits with a delicious typical lunch, to recover our energies.
Later, we will help in the household chores: collect the wood, lock the cattle in the pen, feed the guinea pigs and hens, and other chores women do restlessly, but which encompass a fascinating appeal.

Fishing at Sulluscocha Lagoon:
Walk around the beautiful Sulluscocha Lagoon to see and be part of the collective traditional Carpa fishing.

Dinner and Storytelling of myths and legends:
When dinner time arrives, we will enjoy the tales, myths, legends and traditions, as well as anecdotes and rural jokes, which are usually full of a marvelous, naïve candor.

Mystic Ritual for thanking the Apus and the Pacha Mama
After dinner, we will walk to the Apu or Holy Mountain “La Carshga” (which is the Quechua word for “rugged”), listening the noises the night brings to us. The we will light a fire to commence the ritual of offering to the sacred Apus (hills and mountains), and to the Pachamama (the earth mother), ancient Andean gods, who have not been wiped out of the rural men soul, despite the western religious control, and who have been adapted and transformed by the very rural men according to their own earth sacred vision. Then, the time for “chacchar” (to chew) the holy coca leaves will come, always accompanied by the ritual of drinking cañazo (sugarcane spirit) and the smoking of INCA cigarettes while we sing. Here, we will be able to feel nature and understand the Andean cosmo-vision a little better.


DAY 3:
We will have a delicious breakfast with cachangas and a heartening soup.
We will walk around the farm, doing the last tour around our hosts’ property, while we help in the farm work for the morning.

Lunch and Farewell:
This is the last lunch we will have with our hosts. It will be something special. During the farewell ceremony, you are free to show your feelings of love, friendship and solidarity that this experience had helped create.

Return to Cajamarca:
We will begin our return to the city of Cajamarca where you will have a free afternoon to go shopping.

Finally, at the scheduled time, we will pick you up to transfer to the bus terminal or corresponding hotel.

The price for each additional night includes full meals for the day.
If you want an English guide, you must ask for the recharge fee.
The described activities in the program are subject to change according to seasonality or the programmed activities by the host family.




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