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CAJAMARCA - Community of Encañada  
3 days / 2 nights (
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DAY 1:

Arrival and reception in the city of Cajamarca.
Baños del Inca:
Transfer to the Baños del Inca Complex, where you may take a soothing medicinal thermal bath in its extraordinary curative warm water.

Transfer to the community La Encañada:
En el camino realizaremos una parada en el pueblo de La Encañada.
Transfer to the community La Encañada, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and getting to know a few rules, some advice and main traits about the rural men that are important for having a friendly stay.

Welcome to the Andean house:
Welcome by the rural men and accommodation in the households from where the great adventure of contact and socio-cultural exchange will begin.
Lunch and farm work:
After accommodation and the first contacts are established, lunch will be served at noon. Among farmers, lunch time is very important and it is always enclosed in a strong ritual context. It is held around a legless table, i.e. a circle, all sitting down on the ground and sharing the food looking up at each other.
Dinner is served at 7. It is at dinner time that family gets together and you talk a lot about day chores, the achievements, the problems and what should be done next day. In our program at Vivencial Tours, this meal will serve to share fully the rural man’s cultural manifestations. Bedtime.

DAY 2:
Andean Dawn:
We will get up at cockcrow to unsettle the hens and collect the eggs, while helping the women make bread for a typical highland breakfast, so plenty, healthy and tasty.
Participation at tourist orchards and hiking to Las Torres viewpoint:
Tourists may participate directly in the sowing and harvest of vegetables and other foodstuff in the TOURIST ORCHARDS which will later feed other guests. Therefore, the very tourists are sowing their own food.
Then we will go to Las Torres viewpoint where we will take notice of a wonderful landscape.
The “lunch at noon” will be, of course, of a different menu this second day. Afterwards, a deserved relaxing rest will come contemplating the landscape.

Watching the rural people’s handcraft expertise:
Making the most of this ecstasy, the tourists may have the opportunity to see the textile and handcraft skills of the Encañadino people, and test their own in these arts, thus sharing and receiving new knowledge and experiences in a truly intense and friendly exchange.

Hiking to Tambo Mayo:
We will undertake a walk to Tambo Mayo where we will be able to visit a trout fishpond, a water mill, and the town graveyard.

Dinner time will be the beginning of our storytelling experience, with local tales, legends, myths and traditions, as well as anecdotes and rural jokes that generally are filled of an amazing, naïve candor.

Thanksgiving Ritual to the Apus and Pacha Mama
After dinner, a mystical ritual will be held in honor to the sacred Apus (hills and mountains), and to the Pachamama (the earth mother), ancestral Andean gods that have not been eradicated from the souls of the rural people despite the western religious dominance. These rituals have been adapted and blended in their own earthly and sacred vision. We will walk through a ravine, listening to the sounds brought by the night, and there, we will light a fire to start the ritual. Later, the time for chacchar (to chew) the holy coca leaf will come, always followed by the drinking of cañazo (sugarcane spirits), the smoking of the traditional INCA cigarettes, and we will recite some chants and auguries. This whole experience will let us feel nature and understand the Andean vision of the cosmos a little better.


DAY 3:
Breakfast and Farewell:
We will have the last breakfast with our hosts including cachangas and a comforting chupe verde.
We will walk around the chakra doing the final tour of our host family’s property, while we help in the morning farm work or with the cattle.

Visit to the town:
Later, we will make our way to the town of La Encañada where, if on Sunday, we will be able to participate in the Sunday livestock fair. City tour.
Return to Cajamarca:
We will follow our way to the city of Cajamarca where you will have a free afternoon to go shopping.
Eventually, at the scheduled time we will pick you up for transfer to the bus terminal or your hotel.


Full meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during your whole stay.
Transfers and excursions described in the private service.
Relaxing baths at the Baños del Inca Complex
Entry and visit to Ventanillas de Otuzco
Permanent tailored assistance
Local Guide

The LIMA-CAJAMARCA-LIMA fare by Atahualpa regular service is 100 soles per passenger.
The LIMA-CAJAMARCA-LIMA fare by Linea or Cruz del Sur bed-bus including dinner and breakfast is 180 soles per passenger.
The price for each additional night includes all meals for that day.
If you want an English-speaking guide service, please ask for the extra fees.
If the group exceeds 6 people, please ask for travel conditions.
The aforementioned activities in the program may change due to seasonality or the programmed activities by each family.




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